SPINAL HEALTH CLINIC    2/457 Miller St Cammeray   02 89209888

why choose us

Spinal Health Clinic has been helping individuals and families overcome their health issues for the last 15 years. We specialise in providing the latest cutting edge chiropractic techniques and other physical therapy modalities.

Before we start any treatment we firstly check whether you’re in the right place.  If we feel that your problem is best suited to another doctor or specialist, we will make the appropriate recommendations and not charge you for your visit.

We always take a thorough patient history and also take the opportunity to understand the unique person and circumstances. During the initial consultation we leave the guess work out. Our examinations involve the latest computerised testing and imaging currently available. This ensures that we have all of the relevant information to allow the most suitable course of treatment.

our goals


We aim to eliminate headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain and correct the underlying structural cause. Do you sit at a desk all day long? Do you wake feeling stiff or sore in the neck and the back? Have you stopped your usual exercise or training plan because you’re not sure whether its helping or causing further harm? Our expert team is highly trained to identify and relieve headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain whilst correcting the posture and identifying the causes.



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